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One more thing...

Last night, went to Pirates of Emerson with Tamsyn and Nikayla. A great time was had by all. Especially in the spinny spinny fall down thing.

Uploaded by Adam at 11:34 on 01 November

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Holiday Disclaimer

Posted 07:22
Fri 26 October
by EvilBear

Very busy. Let's see... Friday, Rocky Horror Picture Show in Albany, Saturday, Gaskells Ball, Sunday, Fright Fest, Monday, Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Academy of Arts in SF. Next weekend, Workshop for Dickens start as well as tons of dances, holiday prep and Gaslight Prep. Begin sporadic cmmics. Also, I like commas. More than I like comas.

See, if I put it there, and I am often wrong, I may be wrong by HAVING them on time. Hee hee hee, I am being sneaky and tricking myself.



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