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One more thing...

Wow, i had this ready days ago and totally forgot it was Thursday. Today I leave for Disneyland, so yeah. Kinda distracted and excited :) I love the haunted mansion at this time of the year. Although Brie's face is kinda scary enough right here...

Uploaded by Adam at 08:13 on 18 October

This breaking news just in...


Posted 05:55
Wed 26 September
by EvilBear

So, for anyone that has taken a look at the links to the side and checked out Gaslight, the first game is THIS FRIDAY!!! So, this last week has been insane getting ready for a 3 day full immersion victorian boffer larp, while also getting ready for dickens fair, while also being a dad and boyfriend, while also being the historian for Gaslight. Yes, I am exhausted. I think the panic though of it being in 2 days has left, as well as the adrenaline.

So... I think I can safely say ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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