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One more thing...

As the bear wanders through the campgrounds, he can't help but ask himself 2 things. One, why are all these people screaming? And two, where is the fat kids secret stash of food?

Uploaded by Adam at 00:00 on 11 October

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Posted 05:55
Wed 26 September
by EvilBear

So, for anyone that has taken a look at the links to the side and checked out Gaslight, the first game is THIS FRIDAY!!! So, this last week has been insane getting ready for a 3 day full immersion victorian boffer larp, while also getting ready for dickens fair, while also being a dad and boyfriend, while also being the historian for Gaslight. Yes, I am exhausted. I think the panic though of it being in 2 days has left, as well as the adrenaline.

So... I think I can safely say ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Posted at 18:37, Sun 28 Oct 2012
by Adriana

No worries about deyals. The best comics are worth waiting for, and even though this one is young, it has caught my attention very tightly. heh heh, while i must say its hard to wait for the newest pages, it is easy to at the same because of my interest in it. So yeah, while its always nice to see updates, it also okay to miss one or two every n then. after all real life must be dealt with, no way around it. And, just for the record, heh heh, well done. Not to seem lacking in modesty, but with my short-ish attention spans its hard for something to keep me interested, especially if nothings changing about it for long periods of time. But still, i wait for the newest page. Smiles and hugs hun. keep up the good work, at any pace you need to.


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