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Does a bear shit in the woods?

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One more thing...

Decided to add a comic tag line to the first 2 comics. Also, i thought i would explain for all the historians that years later read my comic for the political statements that are obviously embedded deep within the subtext of the overall encompassing theme that delves into the darker aspects of the psyche of a bear. Oh, and a silly wolf.

The small text and different sizes were due to me using the same text with the first few comics, and then after adding the texting resizing the images. Now I finish all the images before adding text. Now you know, and knowing is .3426th's the battle.

3/2/2012 - Moved sites so I figured I might as well fix these comics at the same time. Leaving original comments though for posterior's sake ;)

Yeah, I said posterior :p

Uploaded by Adam at 00:00 on 19 November

This breaking news just in...

New site!

Posted 11:08
Fri 02 March
by EvilBear

Yay!!!! Now to configure it and drag all my stuff over from the old one.


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