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One more thing...

Yep. I went there. I was cleaning up post it notes at my desk an saw a simple note saying "air holes before putting puppy in". I was going to have a box with bloody holes, but even I couldn't go that far. I mean it's a puppy! And I couldn't find a picture to match that. I also thought of tag lines "Puppy Tartare", "Puppy Sashimi" and "No puppies were harmed during the making of this comic. This one was already dead", but I couldn't do it. A PUPPY! IT'S A PUPPY!

Of course, didn't stop me from putting all that here in the extra notes ;)

Uploaded by Adam at 15:19 on 01 October

This breaking news just in...

Something something I'm on fire, please put me out, something...

Posted 10:51
Thu 24 July
by EvilBear

Oh, per my Fiance's request, next comic I put up she reminded me to point out what "So many new things have happened." meant from my last news update...

I asked Tamsyn to marry me! :) There you go, hun. Now the world knows all our dirty secrets. Well, most of them. They still don't know about the Easter bunny suit you make me wear sometimes.



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