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Kitten Play Date

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One more thing...

Yes. I know neutering isn't cutting off the tip of the penis. But cat's don't know that.

This is how it is currently with the kittens we took in, now almost 3 months old. Play fighting turning into occasional hissing matches, especially if any of them try and play with Greybeard. The girls will pounce the giant 7 year old gray guy and he will put them on their backs and proceed to play fight with them. They freak out, hiss like crazy, run off, and do it all over again. He looks confused a lot lately, lol.

Uploaded by Adam at 00:01 on 31 July

This breaking news just in...

Something something I'm on fire, please put me out, something...

Posted 10:51
Thu 24 July
by EvilBear

Oh, per my Fiance's request, next comic I put up she reminded me to point out what "So many new things have happened." meant from my last news update...

I asked Tamsyn to marry me! :) There you go, hun. Now the world knows all our dirty secrets. Well, most of them. They still don't know about the Easter bunny suit you make me wear sometimes.



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